Logistics - Services to Third Parties

In addition to its own major logistics requirements, the A.W. Jenkinson operation has long-built on its undoubted transport strengths to act as a haulier for a number of other businesses materials ranging from recyclable goods to road salt, panelboard to animal feeds and fertilizer transport that demands the specialist capabilities, efficiency and impressive track record offered by the Group’s extensive fleet.

Road Salt Transport
Winter time is an incredibly busy period for the famous rock salt mines in North Cheshire. Huge quantities of salt and grit, much of which is mined from the ancient deposits beneath Winsford, are used on British roads as temperatures plummet.

AWJ’s substantial fleet of bulk tippers and walking floors offer the ideal transport resource for Winsford Salt Union. The company’s proven logistics efficiency and delivery reliability has made it the long-term carrier for the mines.

Bulk Feed and Bagged Fertiliser Transport
The transport of feed and fertilizers from factory to farm was one of the first services provided by the A.W. Jenkinson transport operation. From the earliest days of the business, Allan’s close personal links with the world of agriculture made this a natural association.

Both feed and fertilizer can be supplied in bulk by the standard tipper load or using the company’s specially bought bulk blown tippers. Alternatively material can be transported in bulk bags or as palletised loads of sacks using a variety of vehicles that are ideal for deliveries with the limited access typical of upland farms.

Recyclables Transport
AWJ’s transport of environmentally friendly products is not restricted to its own chip, sawdust, bark and fibre. The company is a logistics provider for a number of leading recycling and reclamation businesses. A.W. Jenkinson regularly carries recycled tins using its chipliner fleet, and recycled paper, both caged and loose, using the walking floors that are ideal for the purpose.