Forest Products - Remote Site Processing
A.W. Jenkinson's National Network of Remote Processing Sites

Strategically situated close to key sources of raw materials, A.W. Jenkinson’s network of Remote Processing Sites has been set up to process material from arboricultural operations, site clearance, brash from clearfell sites and other virgin fibre sources close to the source, maximising transport efficiency.

Material is screened and blended to create a suitable fuelchip as an alternative to premium grade sawmill woodchip, whose quality makes it better suited to the manufacture of chipboard, MDF or paper.

The principal behind the sites’ existence is a recognition of the need to operate under an environmentally responsible regime where material that is only suitable for use as biofuel is diverted to energy production, ensuring higher grade material is re-used and recycled.

Operating in this way promotes a more efficient and sustainable use of the United Kingdom’s timber resources, reducing carbon emissions by cutting transport requirements and setting an industry-leading benchmark.

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