Corporate - Sustainable Forestry Operations

A.W. Jenkinson is a fundamentally ‘green’ business whose operations are closely focused on maximising the utilisation of commercial forestry resources, reusing lifeexpired wood, milling co-product and arboricultural arisings, as well as processing green waste into peat-free composts and mulches and delivering low-carbon biofuel solutions for both large-scale energy providers and smaller industrial heat and power plants.

As part of its environmentally positive activities, the company also takes its wider environmental and social responsibilities extremely seriously and is fully committed to striving towards maximising ecological, social and economic sustainability.

The virgin wood utilised as part of the A.W. Jenkinson processing stores CO2 during its growth cycle, producing oxygen as it grows and, unlike fossil fuels, releasing no additional CO2 into the planet’s carbon cycle when burned as biomass.